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Bathtime Baby:
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Silky Smooth Talc Free Body Powder 3.5 oz
More Information
Manufacturer Bathtime Baby
Categories Baby Lotion, Body Care Products, Natural Baby Products, Natural Body Cream, Natural Hair Care Products, Personal Care, Baby Diaper, Baby Body Wash, Baby Cream, Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Baby Shampoo
Code BB1A - BB6
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Naturewoo|Stomabags
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
38 Review
BBBShopper Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 3, 2020
Perfect sink baths
We bought this as a baby shower gift after receiving & using the blue version we also registered for. Worked perfect in our sink for all the baths early on, until our baby was big enough for the actual bathtub. The foam creates a cushion around all four s
Taylor Review from
April 7, 2021
Little dude approves!
My little babe LOVES IT. He’s almost 6 months old and outgrew his bath sling that came with his infant tub but absolutely hated being in the hard tub and can’t quite sit up yet. I thought we had no options and bath-time would be ruined.... until I decided
NYtoWI Review from
July 21, 2021
Worth it!
We’re so in love with this sweet, handy little flower! Our daughter absolutely LOVES her baths and I credit this completely. She is so comfortable and well supported. It makes it very easy to bathe her. It’s soft, firm enough for support but still comfy.
Review from
October 31, 2018
mackenzie.s · Review provided by
Review from
May 20, 2020
I have the grey version. I put this on my baby registry along with the oxo tot collapsible tub. I returned the tub because I feel I will get more use out of this and the tub takes up more storage space. This fits perfectly into my small hallway bathroom s
KG Review from
January 12, 2020
New baby MUST HAVE!
Bathing a small, slippery newborn is tough!! I was gifted a Fisher Price bath set, but it was bulky and plastic. I stumbled across this blooming bath on clearance in store (win win!!) and decided to give it a try. It has been a life saver!!!!! It is soooo
Yvonne Review from
July 31, 2021
One of the best bath items that we have purchased. We used it in a combination with the baby tub. It was very comfortable for our baby and secure instead of the fabric that came with the tub. we could wash it and dry it every day after bath and it lasted
Elise Review from
November 21, 2021
Makes bathtime comfy
This mat is great for bathtime. I love how soft and big it is. My son (3 month) seemed to really enjoy his bath. He didn’t get cold which he did frequently with our other bath seat. I also really love that it is washing machine and dryer safe! Overall I w
Redsoxgirl4486 Review from
May 17, 2018
Such a cute way to bathe your baby!
I was excited to receive this product at my baby shower because I had heard a lot about it and it just looked adorable in pictures. I was not disappointed when I opened it and saw a beautiful turquoise color flower that felt like memory foam when pressed
mamaturner Review from
February 17, 2021
cute, but not practical
this bathtub is very cute, but it's gross. mold grows quickly on it, especially if you leave it out to dry. I also think it'd gross to have your baby bathing in your sink. I have a clean sink, but it just skeeved me out. a bathtub is way better, especiall
Rachel Review from
December 20, 2019
Very useful!!
Started using this after the first few days from bringing our son home! I was able to place him flat on this for sponge baths and then when he was ready used this in the sink, which fit perfectly! Baby loves it too, he does not cry during baths and the wa
rgv3 Review from
January 31, 2021
love it!!
We love our Blooming Bath Lotus!! My 6 month old is starting to get a little big/won't fit in our sink much longer but this has been perfect for bathing her since day 1! It's soft & cute & comfy and when you're done with the bath just squeeze out the extr
EH Review from
January 16, 2019
Very pleased.
I was a little skeptical, but this Blooming Bath has been a game-changer. Our baby grew out of the developmental tub she used in the NICU and bath time became a struggle. The first time we used it we could immediately tell the difference; our baby was com
Review from
March 15, 2020
Functional and Beautiful
This is so perfect for sink baths! It is super cushiony, soft, and cozy. It supports the baby really well. I used it for my newborns first bath and he slept through the whole experience. I did not have to support him with my hands, he laid in the bath ful
Mommyoftwo Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 21, 2017
Too big, too wet
I bought this alternative to bathtub thinking it will be comfortable for my baby and my back but that is not the case.. the flower is huge and it doesn’t fit in any of my sinks not even the kitchen sink. When I use it to bathe my baby, instead of being re
Leah Shagun Review from
June 29, 2017
I'm obsessed with these little bundles of softness. I had the yellow blooming bath for my now 10 month old son and now have this pink lotus for baby girl . these are so soft and comfortable for baby and just beyond cute. Fits perfectly in my kitchen and b
Maureen Review from
July 6, 2021
Fits My Sink
Wanted to purchase a baby bath for when my two grandbabies come for overnight visits. I wanted a tub that fit in the sink to save bending over a deep bath tub. This is the only thing I found to fit in a D shaped kitchen sink. Adds cushioning and can be th
Meme Review from
December 21, 2020
it's a must have
Our baby loved this for bath time. we could sit her or recline her as needed. the padding is nice and soft. we've since moved her to the tub and she doesn't enjoy baths nearly as much. we used it until she was 4 and a half months. you can easily toss this
MamaA Review from
February 10, 2016
I used the Blooming Bath when my daughter was an infant a few years ago. She loved being able to sit and soak and it made the bathing process so fun! We purchased another one for my infant son a few weeks ago and he is loving it! My favorite things about
emteo Review from
August 25, 2020
Cute and comfortable
I originally added this to my registry because it was soo cute! I fell more in love with it after using it. I have the aquatub and was using it for my newborn but I felt that she was uncomfortable from the tub's arm rest hurting under her arms. I ended up
Amaro Review from
January 26, 2021
Made Baths Easy!
I’m so glad I got this for my second baby, it made baths so much easier! I used a traditional infant tub with my first child and he always seemed uncomfortable and cold. It’s been worth it for us! The only downside is finding a place to keep it depending
halite83 Review from
January 16, 2017
Cute but not practical
After reading reviews I decided to spend the $40 for this super cute bath. I thought it would be a soft, comfy insert for the sink because the stand alone baby tub is a pain to set up and is hard to store. Well, this bath is no easier to store and I was r
Ako Review from
February 4, 2019
Perfect baby tub
This has been a great first bath for my baby. It fits perfectly in my large bathroom sink and he seems to love how soft it is. When he’s done in the bath I justness take it, his towel, washcloth, and clothes from his hamper and toss them all in the washin
Mads Review from
April 2, 2021
Waste of money
I purchased after having a c-section. I thought it would be helpful to wash baby in the sink, however, this just didn’t work well. Not enough support and absorbed all the water. I would recommend AngelCare Plastic Bath Tub product instead... this was a wa
Sushi102000 Review from
February 19, 2016
Not the Best But Nothing Better
Like another reviewer said I had a hard time at first bathing my infant, but gradually got the hang of it and which sink was the best. I first used the kitchen sink then the master bath sink then back to the kitchen sink. When the kitchen sink sprung a le
cgromley Review from
May 18, 2021
Bathtime favorite!
Our little one loves bath time with this! I was hesitant to buy it after mixed reviews, but it works perfectly for us. It’s comfy for baby and easy to clean up. We toss it in the dryer after bath time and it’s ready to go for the next one.
Karebear Review from
October 2, 2016
Love it!!!!
Absolutely love this product. My little man is 2 months old and we were using those plastic bath tubs. It was a killer on my back bending over in the bath tub to wash him and I hated putting on my swim suit and getting in there with him. Since he's only 2
Garrett's Mommy Review from
October 5, 2015
A Must Have!
I saw this when I was registering for my upcoming baby boy, and thought it was SO cute. After I got the necessities for bringing baby home, I went back and got this! At first, it was just something REALLY cute to bathe baby in, but after several baths I k
Christine33 Review from
February 14, 2021
Love love love!
I hated this thing before I had ever used it, but my baby hated the bath I got her before she was born. I have in a bought this and I’m so happy I did! She’s two months old and we’re still using it! She loved her baths since the first use! I’ll be so sad
hannah.h Review from
May 8, 2018
I saw this product on an ad once and thought it looked super cool. We do not have a bathtub in our house and I was due to have my son in April. I received the full blue flower version as a gift from my shower. It's super thick and soft, making for a comfo
Fletchabella Review from
February 24, 2019
Just buy it
This thing is great! When you bring baby home and have to give sponge baths it’s awesome to lay them on while you clean them because it absorbs the water really great and gives a cushioned place for them to lay on. Later when you move the baby to the kitc
Kimee Review from
September 10, 2020
This is the cutest, softest, squishiest bath ever!
We absolutely love it!! We gave our now 1 month old her first bath in it and she just relaxed in it and almost fell asleep. I love how soft it is and padded. I know she is comfortable in it. It is washable and easy to hang to dry afterward. I also love ho
FT Mommy Review from
December 9, 2016
Best use for babies at least 3-4 mo +
We rec'd this product for our baby shower and did not purchase any other baths. As many or you know, you can't give a real bath until 2-3 weeks when the umbilical cord falls off. We thought we could sit her in it inside the sink and give a quick sponge ba
Elise Review from
December 1, 2021
Makes bath time warm and comfy
My 3 month old loves his bath with the blooming bath mat. It kept him warm the whole time. It is incredibly soft and cushioned. And I love that it is machine washable and dryer safe!
Kimberly H Review from
January 19, 2021
Bath time made fun
We love our blooming bath. We got it as a baby shower gift & have used it when baby was small. The material is so soft on their skin and scrubbie is great to use as well. I high recommend adding this to your baby registry!
sheilla.h Review from
December 7, 2017
First off - I am very lucky because my newborn absolutely loves bathtime. I received a regular tub and this Blooming Bath at my registry. At first I used my tub because I was scared to use the blooming bath. Well - I have been using the Blooming Bath for
Alex Review from
May 23, 2017
I definitely recommend this to all new moms!!!!
I had no ideas these were sold in stores!!! I saw a bunch of ads for them all over Facebook and the web and I had to have it. One day I stopped into my local babies r us store and I found it and I was so in love I bought it immediately. This makes bath ti
mommamel Review from
June 5, 2017
I purchased this product at Babies R Us after hearing good things about it, and frankly I loved it! It made bathing my new baby so easy! I used after my baby's umbilical cord fell off up until she was almost 4 months old (yes I was still bathing her in th
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