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How to Make Green Tea and Enjoy Its Benefits!

Green tea has been a revolution in the health of people. Although not all of its properties are scientifically proven but it is known that many of them are real, such as its antioxidant attributes as well as its thermogenic and diuretic effects. In addition, its rich flavor and pleasant aroma have led to maximum popularity among therapeutic plants.

In order to understand the uses and benefits of green tea, we must first know what its nutritional properties are.

Vitamins – Vitamins C and E provide a natural antioxidant boost.

Isoflavones and Catechins – A plant hormone (increases healing power) and an antioxidant, respectively. Together with vitamins, they combine nicely to prevent cell aging.

Alkaloids – Are very rich in stimulating components, which help you stay active during the day or at night.

Polyphenols -Very important a antioxidant that hunts down free radicals and lowers inflammation. They are excellent for health and digestion.

A summary of green tea benefits

General health and medicine

– Improves the flow of blood circulation.

– Some studies seem to confirm that it maintains the optimal elasticity in the arteries to avoid collapse.

– It is a diuretic, which helps eliminate toxins and purify the entire gastrointestinal and urinary system. In addition, it has laxative action (ideal for constipation), helps combat gas retention and associated stomach pains.

It’s stimulating and energizing

Green tea has stimulating functions due to its alkaline composition. It is useful as a substitute for coffee, since the alkaloids that it presents (caffeine, theine) are less aggressive to the human body. Many athletes drink green tea before training, since in addition to providing a boost of energy to their bodies, it also helps them lose weight. These stimulating abilities also helps improve concentration and mental work.

Oral Care

Green tea’s chemical composition helps prevent cavities. A study of teeth in Asian people was carried out among those who drank green tea and those who did not. Those who frequently took the infusions had a healthier dentition, which is not surprising.

Face and skin

There are many cosmetics made with Camellia sinensis (the leaf used to make green tea) extract as the main ingredient. It contains many vitamins that neutralize free radicals, preventing premature aging and the early appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, it improves hair from the tips to the roots and bestows more strength to the strands.

Last but not least, green tea is beneficial because it has a rich flavor! You can prepare it in many ways, adding lemon or a little stevia to sweeten it. You can also drink it hot or cold, whichever you prefer.

    • Add 1-2 tsp of green tea leave to a cup of hot water and let infuse for 2-3 minutes while gently stirring to bring out all the goodness.

    • Then drop in 1-2 tsp of a citrus like orange or lemon.

With all these compelling reasons there is no excuse for not drinking green tea. Drink one or two cups per day and enjoy its great benefits.

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