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Charlie Banana From: 889269 To: 889293 - Nursing Pads - Feminine Liner Regular Super

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Charlie Banana:
889269 - 889293
FSA Eligible
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889269Nursing Pads - Box Case Of 48
889273Nursing Pads - Box Case Of 48
889274Feminine Pads Liner - BoxCase Of 49
889276Feminine Pads Liner - BoxCase Of 50
889277Feminine Pads Liner - BoxCase Of 51
889281Feminine Pads Regular - Box Case Of 48
889284Feminine Pads Regular - Box Case Of 48
889288Feminine Pads Super - Box Case Of 48
889291Feminine Pads Super - Box Case Of 48
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3 Feminine Pads Super Lavender & 1 Pouch in box
More Information
Manufacturer Charlie Banana
Categories Feminine Care, Feminine Hygiene, Personal Care, Female Pad, Incontinence Pads, Natural Pads, Reusable Underpad
Code 889269 - 889293
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Naturewoo|Stomabags
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
45 Review
shannon.d Review from
May 12, 2021
I tried one pad during the night, and one during the day. Both were used on moderate flow days. I thought that these were more comfortable than a disposable pad, because they are super soft. However, they are definitely bulkier than a disposable. The snaps on these are a heavy-duty quality, and kept the pads in place, and I like them better than sticky disposable tabs. Appearance wise, I would have liked to see these in a darker color, as I worry about future staining. I thought the zipper pouch was nice, and its great how they fold up, to stay discreet. The ballerina pattern on mine, kind of
ashleigh.j Review from
April 29, 2021
**DISCLAIMER** I will update review once I am done menstruating!!! First off I just want to say how grateful I am to be able to test the Supers of this reusable pad line instead of the Regulars. Unfortunately Regulars dont do much for me and I will have a more accurate review when it is my time to menstruate! First impression of this product, I noticed that all the pads were very soft and very thick. The softness will help with long wear throughout the day, and the thickness of the pads will help people who have a more heavier flow. The snaps on the pads replace the adhesive flaps that usually
MomToFour Review from
August 10, 2020
One of the best cloth feminine pads on the market
I love Charlie Banana pads. I was leery to try this brand, but my old favorite went out of business and I wanted more pads now that my teenager keeps stealing my pads! My only complaint is that they are white, but some people prefer that for bleaching them! I love them for their ease of use and how very soft and comfortable they are! My teenage daughter feels the same way and it was easy to teach her how to care for them since she already knew how to do laundry before she started using these. How do we care for them? I've been using cloth pads for almost 18 years now, and when we take them off
jihee.h Review from
April 30, 2021
I love these Charlies Banana reusable pads. The are the perfect thickness and size comparable to regular disposable pads. They are very absorbable and the material of the pad is almost water resistant. After washing, they dry very fast. The two clips are great and provide good support. It would have been great if the pads were any other color than white. With long term use, Im expecting there to be staining since these pads are very white. I love that Charlies Banana is getting into sustainable alternatives for feminine hygiene.
dayna.s Review from
May 6, 2021
First I want to thank Influenster and Charlie Banana for sending me these products complimentary in exchange for my honest review! Ive been looking to find ways to be more earth conscious and find reusable options especially when it comes to feminine products. I was so excited to receive these washable pads which are super absorbent like it says. They are soft and comfortable to wear and held a lot of water when I did a water check. I also love that they snap close to ensure they stay in place. The travel pouch also makes traveling with these super easy and convenient. I highly recommend to an
Elle Review from
March 13, 2021
A must have!
I love these! They are super absorbent, comfy, and stay in place! I have definitely bought more since my first purchase. I love that they come with a wet bag and you can easily fit 6 pads in there. I have one bag for my clean ones and a different print bag to put my dirty ones when I am out and about. I do have some slight staining on the pads because they are white, but it doesnt bother me. I like that they are white and I can see when I need to replace with a new one. I also love all the cute prints they have, even though Im the only one seeing them haha
Chloe Review from
June 23, 2021
Softest cloth pads I've found!
I've been using Charlie Banana cloth pads for about 5 years. I've tried several brands, and Charlie Banana pads are by far the softest! I highly recommend them. They also last for years, as I can attest to. I recommend getting a couple different absorbencies so they last you through a full cycle. Also, if you're going to be walking around a lot, you can use a bobby pin to affix the wings to the outside of your underwear. It'll keep the pad from sliding back while you walk, and you won't feel it through the pad.
jeanette.h Review from
April 30, 2021
I been trying for very long time to switch over to reusable product to keep the planet clean. Charlie Bananas reusable pads are starters. The fabric is super soft and comfortable. So far I use it on my light day/ spotting day only. I am still not used to the idea wearing on my heavy days but I might try. Its pretty easy to clean if you follow the instructions correctly. It comes a cute little bag for storage.
zahraa.h Review from
September 10, 2020
The reason Why I choose these pads is that i had annoying problems in my private area and It became more hard over period days although I changed my pads regularly. So, I bought Charlie banana from iHerb. They absorb very well dont cause any odor. Laterally, i use it overlast days of period and the days i get secretions. Also good if you used to have daily pads. How i wash it? I soak it in water when i took off immediately to remove blood (i leave it dry until washing day) then with all pants wash them with good cleanser. Highly recommend, its safe for your skin, healthy and even for environme
HKD23 Review from
October 11, 2020
Charlie Banana is the best!
If youre looking to make the switch to reusable pads, look no further! Charlie Banana pads are the best! Because they have 2 snaps, they stay in place much better than the 1 snap reusable pads. Ive tried Luna Pads and Gladrags and I much prefer Charlie Banana (they are 1/3 of the cost of the other brands too!). I use the super for overnights, super for heavier days and the regular for lighter days. Ive been using these pads for a couple of years and have had no leaks. These are a breeze to clean! Just bring them in the shower with you as a pre-wash then toss them in the washer. I allow mine to
Olga B Review from
February 9, 2021
Do yourself a favor and just give them a try
Seriously, I can't stop praising these pads. They are SO soft and comfortable! Even if you don't want to go reusable full-time, I would just get a pack to keep handy for traveling and being out and about all day. No matter how long you go without changing, they don't leak! Of course, you do want to change them regularly, but if you get stuck in some bad traffic or something, these pads won't let you down!
annette.j Review from
May 1, 2021
I loved the comfort I feel with this feminine pads, highly recommended, I think that using 3 a day is perfect, very good company and a good quality in the material. I personally did not feel any type of allergies or irritation and that is perfect really girls I recommend it 100% produsto because it is very good, it protects me very well the quality is excellent .... thank you #influenster #voxbox #Charliebananavoxbox @lovecharliebanana #tinyworldchanger giving me the opportunity to be part of this campaign .
sasha.v Review from
May 8, 2021
I was so excited to received these reusable pads from Influenster. They have snap to hold them in place and arent massively thick so their comfortable. They are the softest pads that I have ever touched and they are reducing waste for our environment. I will definitely keep using these and will purchase additional reusable pads from this company.
Review from
May 8, 2021
I was super excited when I received the complimentary washable pads from Charlie banana. the absorbance is great. it didn't leak. did it's just wonderfully. stayed in place. didn't irritate my skin. I'm pretty pleased. thank you influesnter.
saf.s Review from
April 28, 2021
I'm new to the whole washable and reusable pad world so it took some getting used to these pads. honestly it felt like wearing a diaper sometimes because of the fabric. however, once I got used to it, I noticed that there was much less irritation and discomfort wearing these than a regular pad. super helpful that it comes in a 3 pack with a carrier bag.
Olga B Review from
January 12, 2021
Best period pad EVER!
I was hesitant to try reusable pads at first, but once I did, I knew I was never going back. They are amazingly absorbent, and SO soft! Now I know what babies feel when you switch them from a disposable diaper to cloth. These period pads are incredible, they haven't leaked once, even overnight. I also love that you can just unsnap them and put them on a different piece of underwear if needed. Definitely recommend!
Carmen Review from
October 18, 2019
These are great. This was my first bundle I ended up buying a second pack with bigger ones afterwards. They're much more comfortable than the disposable pads. These hold up well. Theres no scent at all, but I made the mistake of washing it with a scented detergent and yes I experienced a scent during my period. However after washing it with a unscented soap, the following time there was no scent. It can hold a lot, I haven't experienced any leaking. It comes with a bag, but if youre using this on the go rather than just at home, I would buy a dry/wet bag so you have keep the used ones away fro
Jacky Review from
July 17, 2019
Works great!
These pads have great absorbency, they deter any strong odor, and they are sustainable! Great alternative to using regular pads. I haven't had any issues with them 'flipping'. The only disclaimer is that the photo is misleading because I thought the pack came with three different sizes, but it's just three of the same exact size. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the size I chose, because it's the perfect length. Also, they come with a carrying zip up pouch which is great for concealing them. These are so soft and I wish I'd known about them sooner!
jdfout Review from
December 18, 2018
I was really impressed with these! I have used Thinx underwear before, but they have really started to wear out & are rather stained after about a year and a half of use, so I ordered a pack of these to compare. These were really comfortable. The cotton was very soft & did not feel heavy or uncomfortable in my underwear the way disposable pads can. I also thought they were a good length - very absorbent, but not too bulky. They rinsed and washed easily with very minimal staining. They also dried more quickly than my Thinx. I will buy another pack for sure! I highly recommend these!
kasey.k Review from
May 21, 2021
Took away a star because influenster sent me an absorbency that is way too high, I KNOW I marked regular or panty liner on the survey. I was super disappointed that I wont get to use these, because with my IUD, I need at the most a panty liner during my period. But, the carry pouch is cute, the pads are really soft and easy to fold up again,but I have no details on how they hold up to washing or how they hold blood.
Roxy Review from
March 9, 2019
Didnt think these pads would be so good but they are! Very absorbent, no leaks and they stay in place. They are obviously thicker conpared to ultra thin disposable pads which I was used to wearing but they are so soft and comfortable I didnt mind that at all. The super plus worked great for overnight and the super were good for heavier days. The regular were great for lighter days. These also cleaned up very well. No stains so far. Just rinsed it out after use and soaked in water and then throw in washing machine. Love these pads!
amanda.s Review from
May 4, 2021
I have these to my teenage daughter. she was kinda skeptical at first. something new she didn't know much about. but she was excited too because they were so soft. she did need the longer ones because they move a little during her wear. other than that she liked them.
Tai Review from
November 28, 2016
Okay so...I know what a lot of ladies are thinking. #1: Charlie Banana for a brand of feminine pads? #2: Reusable Feminine Pads??? Eekk! Well, I bought them. They are the most comfortable things ever. I haven't tried them on my heavy flow days yet, but plan to in the future. I also have a full-time job and don't feel comfy wearing these at work as there's no real appropriate place to pack them away after use. Soooo...these will be strictly stay-at-home pads and will only wear them to work on very very light days (at the end). So far, they wash out easily and there are absolutely ZERO stains an
Celeste Review from
January 11, 2019
I've replaced disposables with these pads.
These pads are VERY absorbent. I have an unusually heavy flow, and these keep me from having to change my pad every half hour or so. I will say that they don't always stay in place well, depending on the type of underwear I'm wearing, and they're no fun to clean out. But I'm committed to not using disposable products as much as possible. So it's worth the extra work for me. If you have a small trash can with a lid solely for the pads, and fill it with white vinegar and oxi-powder, they're easy to store between washings. I prefer to use the larger pads to make up for the fact that they don't st
squeak88x Review from
October 4, 2020
Never going back to disposable
These reusable pads were better than I could have imagined. I've only ever used disposable pads/liners but I wanted a change and I'm glad I picked this brand. They are soft, breathable, and absorbent. Also, they are super easy to clean just throw them in the washer on cold with no softener and you're done. I'm definitely never going back to disposable ever!
Smart Hippie Mom Review from
February 3, 2021
Great for me, great for mother earth
These reusable pads are so EASY to use & wash. They hold up great and the fabric is both soft & absorbent, even after repeat washings. Plus it makes me happy knowing I am not contributing to the excess garbage caused by feminine products.
Erica Review from
February 19, 2017
Love these!
I know this might sound gross to wear a reusable feminine pad but these are totally worth it! We are a cloth diapering family so washing is no biggie for us. I decided to purchase these because the traditional disposable pads were starting to make me think I've been getting a UTI every month for the past few months so I decided to try another option. I'll get candid but the fabric feels soooo much better on your lady parts than plastic. I only started with this size to see if I even liked them but I am also purchasing the super+ for overnight since I move around a lot in my sleep. I have a lig
tamra.m Review from
May 20, 2021
My 13 year old adores these. They find them so much easier to use than plastic pads and significantly more comfortable. The price is perfect for the set of 3 we got. Definitely worth every penny for a happy kiddo who is excited about their period products!
kymberlee.g Review from
April 29, 2021
I have never tried a reusable pad before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. These are soft and absorbent. I like how it comes with a wash bag so you can just throw them in the washing machine after you use them. I wasn't sure about the white but it does make them easy to bleach if needed.
Tai Review from
December 17, 2016
I'm back with another review: Great for heavy flow days
Okay full review for these regarding: heavy flow days. These pads are great yall. I must say. I thought they would feel heavy or bulky and that I would actually feel the flow. I'm used to the Always Infinity pads that keep everything away from you so that you don't feel it. Well, these did the same. They are incredibly absorbent. I use them when im at home or overnight on my heaviest flows. They are so comfortable and I'm extremely pleased with them. Ladies, yes you have to put forth some effort to clean them, but I think they're worth it. I remove them, run cold water over them and saturate t
madeline.k Review from
May 15, 2021
I really love the idea of a reusable pad! Personally when I was using them they were pretty bulky so I wasnt loving them under tighter clothing. They also take a lot to dry because they are so absorbent you have to dry them a few times or air dry for a couple days.
Becca Review from
February 5, 2017
Most absorbent pad I have ever used!
I have a very heavy flow every month. I often find myself changing disposable super plus pads every hour to hour and a half when not using my menstral cup, and that's if I wait until the very last minute. I decided to test these out on my heaviest days this month. It took NINE HOURS for this pad to be on the verge of leaking without my cup! It never moved, there were no leaks, nothing ran down the back of the pad when I sat or laid down, and it was really comfortable. The only downsides were that near the end it kinda felt like a wet diaper (although that is to be expected), and they are a lit
HM Review from
March 3, 2018
Simply wonderful!
As someone who strictly wears pads, I really wanted to find something that was better for the environment. Reusable pads are my new obsession! Cleaning them isn't that big of a deal either, especially when I consider how my contribution to waste has decreased. Disposable pads used to give me horrible rashes, as my skin is quite sensitive. These are comfortable, soft, and my skin is thankful. The absorbency level is great. The only downfall is that they aren't cotton, but I've yet to experience irritation so I'm not complaining.
Post Menopause Review from
January 12, 2021
For Older Women Too!
I have been using these wonderful pads since March and they work great for all leaks. Super soft, easy to manage and I feel like I am doing my part for the planet. I was really happy to find these products and change my routine from disposable! It was easy to switch to reusable during covid but I am hooked now. :)
Kris K Review from
August 13, 2018
These pads are awesome. They absorb really well and keep you dry. They are a bit chunky though, feels like you have a tiny pillow as a pad. I'm a stay at home Mom so that doesn't bother me as much, but I think if I had to wear these with more professional and tighter fitting clothes I'd be worried that they would show. Regardless of that, they come with a little zippered pouch so you can throw the used ones in it and not worry about anything getting on your purse. I prefer these pads over period underwear because of how easy it is to change them.
lacey.t Review from
May 17, 2021
I love that these are reusable! Theyre also easy to wash. My complaints are that they really hold onto odor and also they do not stay in place and slip back since there is nothing holding them in place. I will use them again, but I dont think Id buy them again.
maría.b Review from
April 28, 2021
Reusable feminine pads come with Charlie Banana's "Signature" softness, offer maximum comfort and absorption, and take care of our planet. All Banana Charlie products have the Climate Neutral certification, I recommend them because they are super soft and comfortable.
Mal Review from
March 14, 2021
Amazing for a fist
I was scared to try reusable pads because it would be gross or leak. With these they say in place, keep all liquid in, and stay dry! I love them they are a great start and cheap just incase its not for you.
Lxluna Review from
February 13, 2019
Ive used them once and I gor to say I love it. Since I would avidly look through sales for disposable pads I have quite a few still but ive grown tired of them, they really irritate my skin. I used these overnight and it worked wonders. The bad feels so soft and comfortable, felt thick in my opinion but you get past that when you realize what a great job it does in staying in place and taking everything in without looking like a horror scene. Eventually I will be getting more of these!
Gabrielle Review from
September 20, 2018
Okay for "safety" days, not for regular/heavy period use
These are not very functional. They slide around and lead to stained underwear very easily. I really only use them on very light days, or the "my period is supposed to start today or tomorrow" day and then use my Thinx for actual period days. I made the mistake of sleeping with them once, they had major leakage. They also are only white the first time you use them (unsurprisingly), even with extensive soaking the stains stick around.
Carrie Review from
March 8, 2018
Love Them
I recently made the change to reusable pads and I'm never going back! These pads are super soft and absorbent. They are easy to clean and stains come out wonderfully. I use BioKleen BacOut full-strength to soak them, and wash them in BioKleen free & clear laundry detergent in hot water. I've read that some people handwash and hang them to dry, but I just throw them in the washer and then into the dryer with some dryer balls and they do really well!
christina.d Review from
May 21, 2021
Ive tried a few different reusable feminine pads and these were right up there with the best Ive tried. Absorbency was fantastic and they were incredibly comfortable and didnt send me running to change pads too quickly even on my heaviest days.
Susan Review from
March 5, 2018
Long enough, incontinence
I have incontinence, and was tired of adding maxi pads to the trash. And wearing the adhesives sometimes they shred being uncomfortable. These are long enough that I can wear them at night and not worry about leakage, and I tend to wear one on one day, turn it around and wear it for the next day, unless the flow was too much. I do recommend these for anyone needing to control the urine or monthly flows. I feel the wash and wear is better for the environment.
ev3000 Review from
December 20, 2020
I discovered that Charlie Banana had these a few years ago, along with their cloth diapers and they all work great! I love the patterns and colors and how you can snap and fold them together for easy transport. They even come with a zipper bag to put them in, that fit perfectly into your purse.
kayleigh.j Review from
April 27, 2021
I got these just in time to try them out, and I will say they are soft and do work. however I have such a light flow that I feel these are a little thick for me. I will stick with my thinx period underwear
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