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Charlie Banana From: 889501 To: 889502 - Feminine Pads Super - Regular

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Charlie Banana:
889501 - 889502
FSA Eligible
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889502Feminine Pads Super - Box Case Of 48
889501Feminine Pads Regular - Box Case Of 48
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3 Feminine Pads Super Wonderland & 1 Pouch in box
More Information
Manufacturer Charlie Banana
Categories Feminine Care, Feminine Hygiene, Personal Care, Female Pad, Incontinence Pads, Natural Pads, Reusable Underpad
Code 889501 - 889502
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Naturewoo|Stomabags
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
40 Review
iHerb Customer Review from
November 14, 2021
Strong and great quality! Refreshing & soothing
These pads are very nice quality and strong enough for medium to extra heavy flow. The scent is a floral one, and they give an intense menthol-type feeling on the skin down there but it is actually refreshing and soothing. It is intense enough that I would use them once every couple of days. But I also came to love these and will use one during the day occasionally. I would definitely recommend these because of the nice quality and because they are a nice refresher for the skin and the herbs are soothing for mild external itching or feeling blah. I bought the panty liners to try too after thes
Nanxee Review from
March 25, 2021
I bought these for my daughter, even though she had not started her period yet, but I loved the owners concept of feminine products that are more natural and I wanted something like that for my kids to use. I ended up using them and I was very happy with the performance. I dont consider myself a heavy bleeder more on the reg/avg and I was happy. I honestly thought that they were a little thin but absorption was good. I did feel that burning sensation but to be honest it felt more like a refreshing feeling. I was not aware of the product doing this so at the beginning I was like what is going o
Jacqueline Review from
June 5, 2021
Love them but not ergonomically correct for me
Im very tall and wear size 14 pants. I love these pads. However, the wing needs to be slightly further down towards the middle and a little wider so it attaches well and doesnt bunch or leak. It would be awesome if more pads came in a pack as well for ladies who experience longer, heavier cycles. The fragrance and the herbs are amazing! They have a cooling sensation and actually relieve cramps! I use always number 5 as they are the only pads that I have found that dont leak, dont bunch, and fit above average size and height women. I use my Honey Pots when my flow slows down because they are an
HowlsAtWolves Review from
March 14, 2021
Helps With My Medical Issues
I really need these for medical issues and I can't find them anywhere for me. All I see is tampons & not all of us can where tampons. Now they can't be ordered to my area. I would lay down on the floor for hours without being able to move some days until I used these. I have horrible nausea, aching, bleeding, and flu like symptoms with my period. However they aren't very absorbent unless you have a light period despite it being labeled "overnight." The first pad I tried was very strong and would probably burn painfully for people with sensitive skin. For me it burned but was soothing. The rest
iHerb Customer Review from
November 21, 2021
Best Pads I've ever used
These are the best pads I've ever used, I suffer from adenomyosis and debilitatingly painful periods and I have tried everything. These have been difficult to find for a reasonable price where I live so I'm thankful ^ for iherb. I used them at the start and immediately felt relief, you can feel a tingle from the herbs that are in there, It's really a gentle tingle and non irritating which was especially a surprise as I am quite sensitive. When I didn't use them for a day the pain increased significantly but went down again when I used them. They come in a pack that looks foil lined, and are al
iHerb Customer Review from
November 1, 2021
Wanted to be impressed but sadly wasn't.
Herbal infused pads, I had to try the benefits of this. The scent is very strong and the smell kinda lingers all around you. I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing. I keep thinking its like a period smell wafting around you. I would use this more at home than going out somewhere to a restaurant. Packaging was super hard to open free hand, I didn't manage. I had to take out a pair of scissors. Size was also quite huge, at least for me personally because I am used to slimmer pads. Quality was good over all but I found them to be a little bulky and feel a little stiff, not bending to you
singingbelle Review from
January 29, 2021
First use a success!!!
I dont know what kind of witchcraft went into making these, but when I tell you these are PHENOMENAL, they really are. I have fibroids, so I have extremely heavy periods. I was wearing a super plus tampon and an overnight pad at the same time and still would bleed through within 2/3 hours. UGH!!! I read a review where someone else said they had lighter periods with these pads; so I figured I would give them a try. Wore the first one at night, as a precaution in case I did bleed through; at least I was home. Nope; didnt bleed through at all. I purposely didnt wear a tampon while wearing these a
Mo Review from
August 6, 2020
Not great, but maybe not awful?
Not entirely sure what I think about this product yet, so Ill give it 3 stars for now. I didnt actually buy these for myself, but for my mother. She had a stent put in for a kidney issue, so shes been dealing with pain and discomfort. She wanted Tucks medicated cooling pads to hopefully help with some of the unpleasant sensations. She said she also wanted some regular pads just to help the Tucks stay in place I guess, so I picked up these thinking they were thick and would be a good choice. I think they worked out for her, but she has only used one or two so far. Theyre not thick at all, but s
HappyGoLucky Review from
November 2, 2020
I like them, but there's one huge issue with them.
First and foremost, this review is obviously subjective and shouldnt discourage anyone from supporting this Black woman owned company. So Ive been hearing so much about these and after a friend recommended them, I decided to give them a try. At first, it felt weird to have on a pad with mint essential oils but after the second use, I really liked the feeling. If youre Dominican/Woman of Color, the best comparison I can make is to the minty feeling of Lemisol, a feminine wash used back in the day (sans all the terrible ingredients of Lemisol). My only qualm and it seems to be the one of others
Londa Review from
August 17, 2020
Overnight pads
After reading several reviews on this product I decided to give a try. I decided to give it a 4 star because after testing the panty liners, I found a way to use them and not go back to the old, bulky pads. Knowing that I have clotty and painful periods, I knew that I couldn't use this for overnight or regular use. So I wanted to see what it was like using these as regular pads during the day (with my medication that I take for my heavy periods). If you are like me and do not take meds that can control your flow, don't use these at all. You will be changing every 10 minutes, and that could get
Lil Review from
February 21, 2021
These pads are amazing-the best!!!
I love love these pads so much!! The cooling sensation is wonderful! You have to try it! I get the overnight pads & they are a perfect length for sleeping and /or daily use. The pads are very comfortable meaning I dont feel wetness in that area so there is a layer to separate. The pads are very comfortable & you dont see it from the back through your clothes. The pads stay in place too & no odor. They are a little pricey for the amount of pads which was why I didnt buy them initially, BUT believe me all the things I mentioned before makes up for the price!! Im never ever buying any other pads
Hollie Gallop Review from
September 24, 2021
I am not one to write reviews. However the first time I wore these I never even knew that they would have a minty feeling. I was questioning myself all day. I thought something was wrong with me or something then I saw a review on Facebook about these pads and then it clicked. They were supposed to feel that way lol. The first time I wore them it was on my second day of menstration and trust me when I tell you the second day for me is the worst. However, I had absolutely no cramps! Like at all! Normally my cramps cause me to have to go to the bathroom frequently but, not with these. I will def
NatashaLuv Review from
February 1, 2021
The best pads ever
I first tried these two cycles ago and now Im hooked. I bought them at a target that is no longer my local target. I searched two different Targets high and low for these but could only find the postpartum version. Ill be ordering these in bulk from now on. I love the minty feeling which threw me off at first. The pads are thin and comfortable. Love that they are cotton and the natural essential oil smell. They cost a bit more but worth it for me. Ive tried other cotton pads but these are my favorite.
verlinda.s Review from
October 4, 2020
As a life long user of Stayfree... i was skeptical of changing and trying something new. But Stayfree changed their product and eliminated their purple long/super pad that I liked and used for years, so I was looking for something new and different. While I was looking at my local grocery store's feminine hygiene offerings-- I came across this pad. It said it was an "herbal pad." I thought I had also heard about it being owned by a black woman . As a Native woman, That was something different to me... you don't see that very often: a feminine hygiene company owned by a black woman. So that was
TruJoy380C Review from
January 29, 2021
Finally, someone got it right!
THESE ARE AWESOME! My daughter has a very heavy flow. At times, messing up underwear, clothing & occasionally her bed. But, Never with these pads! She said that they have a minty coolness & smell like lavender also. She said that they are comfortable enough, that she's been wearing them day&night during her cycle. Usually, with other brands, she constantly complained about leakage and her pads twisting. I'm Extremely impressed with Honey pot & will be purchasing these exclusively from now on. Bravo!....At last, someone got it right!!
Review from
March 31, 2021
Nice fragrance but very low absorbancy
I have recently switched into organic and wanted to supported Black women business so bought this. The product has quite a few pluses. 1. It's organic. 2. Contains herbs including mint which gives the napkin a little cooling effect. 3. Smells amazing (hopefully NOT artificial parfum) and so you don't need to deal with period odor. 4. Feels very comfortable. There is one serious though. It's absorption power is VERY LOW. Which means you will need to change more than usual...which makes it expensive and somewhat inefficient.
nomnomjenn Review from
January 26, 2021
Game Changer
As an avid L. Chlorine user, I have completely converted to Honey Pot after using them to support my latest cycle. The pads are infused with essential oils to give your lady part a nice cooling sensation (this is going to be amazing during the hot summer months) but it doesn't last, unfortunately. Personally, I like it because it soothes me downstairs. I've now tried the Regular, Super, and Overnight and can confirm they all absorb, unlike the previous brand I was using. The icing on the cake? The herbal scent lasts the entire time so you won't have to worry about emitting the questionable men
AMJ Review from
February 28, 2021
DO NOT BUY. I wanted to love these and I thought the packaging was super cute. But I couldnt even last 5 minutes of wearing it. Within seconds of wearing it, it started burning and stinging. It was so bad that I had to take a shower. I have a different pad on now and I can still feel the burning sensation and irritation. I wish I would of read reviews before purchasing this product. Idk how some women say they love it! It didnt work out for my body! But scented products are NEVER a good idea for down there! Im sad because now Im still on the hunt for my favorite go to pad!
KC Review from
August 24, 2020
Not for me.
I really wanted to like these. I was excited about supporting a black-owned company. I liked that these pads were plant-based. But that herbal-infusion -- yikes! These pads have a STRONG mint smell when you open them. And though that was worrying, I could deal with the scent. However, when in use, these pads produce an intense cooling sensation. It was like sticking a cough drop in my underwear. This might have been a pleasant sensation if I was having a more painful period, but for once, I wasn't. I was so uncomfortable I had to take if off after 30 minutes. I probably should have done more r
alexafromtarget Review from
September 28, 2020
Love love love!
I have fibroids so when I get my periods, I get very very terrible cramps and am extremely heavy flow. While at work, I started to feel some terrible cramps coming up. During my break, I saw these pads and their tampons and decided to give them a try because I've heard amazing things about their products. I was hesitant because I don't ever use thin pads but I put one of each product on and went back to work. The cooling effect threw me off at first but I noticed that it helped my cramps basically disappear. I usually use both pads and a tampon because I leak easily but the tampons absorbed ba
DY09 Review from
January 23, 2021
Burning Sensation
Herbal pads? It looked like such a great product for me, but upon trying it, I felt a cold burning sensation down there to the point where I HAD to change to a different brand of pads right away. I wondered if it was just something to get used to and the sensation will mellow out, but nope. I do not want to use any more of this pad. The rest of the unused pads will go to waste. It is so unfortunate because I wanted this concept to work for me. Maybe it has to do with the different bodily chemistry whether we feel the burning sensation or not. I totally trust other people's reviews here about t
iHerb Customer Review from
June 7, 2021
There are no words to describe how much I love this product. First of all, it has this effect of cooling. First it was a bit weird feeling when I tried it, but then you understand how nice it is. Secondly, it has a nice lavender scent so you always smell nice. Thirdly, it is natural product. It does not have tens of crazy ingredients with awful effects. YOU MUST TRY THESE PADS!! You wont regret! It will become you favourite!!
iHerb Customer Review from
May 17, 2021
Amazing for the summer
Oh my gosh where has this product been all my life? It's pricey, yes, but the infused herbs give these pads the most cooling and soothing feeling that you can't find anywhere else. My first time using it the cooling feeling was pretty strong, but I got used to it over a couple of days for sure. With the weather getting warmer, this is going to save me during the hot sticky summer months. I'm going to buy a few more packs to stock up, and also try the pantiliners. Please give this a try! I think you'll love it!
Demenyaca Review from
March 3, 2020
First, I'm a big Menstrual Cup user but after I found out about my uterine fibroids I needed more protection. I have ALWAYS hated using pads...didn't like the idea of that kind of wetness so close to me. Then I discovered Honey Pot as I walked down the feminine product isle I and stopped in my tracks! Herbal INFUSED PADS in LAVENDER??? WHAT??? First of all Lavender is my absolute favorite herb ever!! I Used these that very night and I was hooked! There's an instant coolness and tingliness that takes over the and the feeling is so soothing and just amazing! This has the be the most GENIUS inven
iHerb Customer Review from
April 13, 2021
Honest Feedback
At the beginning i was concerened about the cooling effect that everyone was mentioning, but I think it is quite comfortable and it has s nice scent. Especially love that it has a nice packaging. I have a guest bathroom and keep as well pads in reach for my guests, so they dont have to ask me. The absorbency is not good at all. I cant use them when I am on my heavy flow. I hope they will soon improve, will still buy them in the future again. I like the brand, packaging and scent. Just will not use them if i need a little more extra safety and those days.
Nelle Review from
April 9, 2020
Nice but not for heavy flow
Review from an honest person. I tried honeypot co and was so excited to do so. What I love - the scent of the herbs. As soon as you open a pad you almost immediately start too feel calmer and better. Room for opportunity - women of color represent the largest group of women with heavy cycles and clots. I bought the overnight pads from honeypot co as they appear to be the largest ones available. During the day when I can constantly check for leakage it wasnt so bad, however sleeping overnight there was some anxiety which caused me to get up to check often for leakage. I would loooove honeypot c
Review from
May 14, 2021
The Best Organic Cotton pads I've tried so far
I've tried many top brands of Organic Cotton pads for the last 3 years. This is my #1 go to Organic Cotton pads. I was surprised how well the the Super and Overnight performed. It keeps me dry and feel comfortable all day. My daughter who is an athlete only uses Honey Pot when she has sports practices. The other brands' stickers don't stick well, and they come off easily, and sometimes gets messy. This is our go to brand for our active lifestyles.
Shaun Review from
February 22, 2020
Life Savers
I just want to say that these pads made me a believer! I suffer from endometriosis and my cramps are pretty bad the day before my period and the day of. This morning, my cramps woke me up as the pain intensified and mind you my period is not on yet! My daughter who recently started her cycle and is only 11 started to use them this month & doesnt really have cramps but didnt have any accidents. She only said they tingled but not in a bad way. Lol. Well I am here, an hour later and my cramps have significantly subsided!! Cant believe it worked. Guess Im going back to sleep now!!! I cant speak on
iHerb Customer Review from
August 16, 2021
I hate the herbal sensation
if I knew the result of the herbal pads I wouldnt have gotten it :( to me it feels more like a burning sensation than cooling it really made uncomfortable the entire first day I tried them out as bad as thinking I had a reactionto them but I was fine I just didnt like the experience at all. also the pads are very thin I would appreciate more thickness so I will try a different type from this brand and I would DEFINITELY get the non-herbal ones. if youre a new mommy or a mommy in general you might like the effect of the herbal pads as my sister is enjoying mine, for me personally I didnt like i
Holly Review from
February 4, 2020
Holy Burning!
I love that companies are making things more natural for women and I was excited to try these. As soon as you open one of the packages you can immediately smell them. And it's not a subtle smell at all. The 'mint' seems more like a eucalyptus to me and mixed with the lavender scent, it smells like Vicks Vaporub - which made me very nervous. These have such amazing reviews so I decided to give it a go anyways. Within seconds, it feels like what I imagine Vicks Vaporub would feel like on lady parts. It BURNS horribly and just gets worse the longer it touches your skin. I thought maybe it would d
KeyzComeHere Review from
January 31, 2021
Cute but not for me!
I truly love the brand however these pads are not for me. The packaging is super cute! I love the way they smell - definitely a plus, tingly sensation also wasnt bad and the pad is pretty durable. However, the material is really rough and I hate that I can feel it all day. Ive even noticed a bit of irritation, thinking it couldve been the oils and Im not even sensitive down there. Overall you should give it a try at least once to see if it works for you! Ill stick to the washes!
CKBos Review from
March 26, 2020
Good, Bad, Overall
The GOOD: I really enjoyed this item. I was hesitant as to whether this would support my flow for the first 2/3 days, but it did. No leaks! Absorbency was good. Pleasant smell. No odor to the pad after use. The BAD: There is a strange burning sensation I experienced with initial use of each pad. It dissipates, but for me it was somewhat of a turnoff. A friend described it as tingling, but once I said burning, she agreed. She didn't want to scare me from purchasing. The wings at the top are a little small and the back of the pad needs better sticky support since it is wide. (I liked the shape a
jumana.a Review from
May 10, 2021
These are the best pads Ive ever used and I refuse to use anything else now. It smells amazing and it feels so comfortable. I like how it is infused with different herbs like lavender and aloe. It does give a cooling affect down there so beware of that but I dont mind it. Its so much cleaner as well because it doesnt have that wet gross feeling you get from other brands. Its pretty dry. The overnight ones are really good too.
iHerb Customer Review from
January 8, 2021
Thats my first purchase and experience with this brand. Step by step: I love the material the package is made of plus its easy to open and it can be resealed! So it keeps the pads clean and fresh longer. Pads themselves look regular, but smell like herbs, not too nice, but not too bad. What makes these pads different is that they are cooling! I have never experienced such a thing and i didnt even expect it too feel this way. i can see that some people might find it irritating, i dont really like stuff like that down there, so i will probably not use them again, but i have used a few already an
iHerb Customer Review from
February 1, 2021
I am OBSESSED with these pads
So yeah, being a woman is amazing, but I don't know any chick who is super in love with menstration - just saying. These pads are a bit long for a regular size, but what makes these amazing is the scent. Don't get me wrong...I am not all about funky fake smells, but these are fresh, natural, & unbeatable. They are advertised as a product that helped a woman with recurring bacterial vaginosis. This is not something that I have ever dealt with, but I appreciate the natural scent and clean feeling that I get when wearing these.
Fabulousred1 Review from
March 5, 2020
Best organic feminine brand
Love this brand. I use the feminine wash and the Super herbal pads. I will say that the mint in the pads can be a little intense when you first use them. However, you become accustomed to it after the first few uses. The feminine wash is amazing and doesn't leave you feeling irritated or dry. The absorbency of the pads is what I have come to expect from an organic natural pad, however I will say I do not have that wet feeling that I seen with other organic brands. If you are switching from the "traditional" pads that we were raised on there will be a period of adjustment. However, I have notic
Mama Neezy Review from
September 13, 2020
Love these! Since switching to a menstrual cup I havent had the need to purchase disposable care products; however, an extremely late cycle start during a trip out of town deemed it necessary. I hate scented pads/tampons because it leaves me feeling like Ive sprayed Glade in my nether regions and they smell awful. The soothing sensation these give are phenomenal. It makes me WANT to actually wear pads. I havent had any issues with leaks either. This will definitely be my new go tos when I want to give my lady bits a break from the cup. Looking forward to replacing my current liners with the Ho
iHerb Customer Review from
July 2, 2021
As someone who deals with light-moderate cramping during my cycle, I absolutely love this product! When I don't have quick access to a different pain-relieving agent, these are perfect. The pads are infused with essential oils that create a slight tingling sensation that distracts me from the cramping pain. The sensation can take a while to get used to and is definitely strange the first time but now I actually somewhat enjoy it as opposed to going through a cycle without it. A staple product for me!
Mommyof3 Review from
October 12, 2020
Im 5 weeks pp and unfortunately, my cycle has decided to make its appearance. I decided to purchases these because I wanted to try something other than the usual brand Ive been using since a teen. Let me just say, this brand is a game changer! The pad itself is very thin. I was initially worried that it wouldnt absorb well but it definitely held up well. Im usually a heavy cramper on the first few days but did not experience any cramps whatsoever! This has to be the best purchase I have ever made at Target! The herbs were a bit alarming at first, but I can definitely say it is refreshing and I
iHerb Customer Review from
December 9, 2021
Ok so I definitely love these. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I don't think I have ever used herbal feminine hygiene products. It does have a tingling herbal and menthol effect that lasts for about 2 hours. I don't think I would use something like this during the day but as for a nighttime product they definitely felt kind of refreshing, so it took away that yukky feeling that I normally get. I think these work to reduce cramps because your mind is paying attention to something else.
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