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Earth Friendly Products - 218937 - Fabric & Carpet Odor Eliminators Lavender Vanilla spray

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Earth Friendly Products:
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Product Info:

Not tested on animals. No animal ingredients.


Water, Alcohol, Odor Eliminator (derived from corn), Grapefruit Seed Extract, Lavender and Mint Oils, and Coconut Base Surfactant*. *Does not contain SLS.

Label Directions:

Spray fabric until slightly damp to eliminate odors. Spray in a sweeping motion over fabric items all around your home. NOTE: Safe on virtually all fabrics. On fabrics which may water-spot (e.g.: silk), test a small area of fabric that cannot be seen.


Not Kosher
More Information
Manufacturer Earth Friendly Products
Categories Air Freshener, Other Living Aids
Code 218937
Sold By Each
UPC 7-49174-09836-8
Product Size 20 fl. oz.
Require Prescription? No
Store Naturewoo|Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
48 Review
dina.h Review from
April 4, 2021
I love everything about this stuff! I have been trying to find it under vinegar. Upon better reading, its not. Its an industrial strength odor control and cleaner. It works awesome in my laundry! My clothes smell so nice and my whites are even whiter than with using bleach. I find myself sniffing my clothes like on the Gain laundry commercial with the dog towel. When I first purchased it awhile ago (Ive bought 4 times now) I thought it was only $2. I found out different when I purchased it by itself. Its $10 for 1 gallon at our local dollar store. Thats a little expensive for my taste. But now
Barby Review from
October 31, 2021
Great product
I have an 18-year old cat who recently became incontinent. Odoban works great at eliminating cat urine's strong odor when I mop my tile floor. Sometimes I use a little, straight from the bottle with a sponge for a small area. Usually I mix it with cold water (hot water sets urine smells) when I mop. I love the fresh scent which is not overpowering. It's great for disinfecting, deodorizing, and sanitizing bathroom floors. Both Odoban's scents are very nice. I prefer lavender scent.
Knighthusband Review from
August 13, 2020
Best stuff EVER!!!
I have had dogs for years and tried every cleaner/deodorizer for carpets and all the usual places that get smelly and soiled. Some products were better than others and fairly acceptable. Then, a friend told me about OdoBan and I tried it on an accident that happened on the carpet, and not only did it completely sanitize the area, it completely removed the smell which didn't return as happens with other removers. Then, when I was sick, I had a professional cleaning team come in to clean my house and I was surprised to find that one of their main cleaning agents was OdoBan! If I had any doubt in
Kasia Review from
March 2, 2021
Why is this only labeled laundry and air freshener-?
I think this is probably the best money well spent! I know it says laundry and air freshener but man this product is definitely all purpose- when we got our cat he didn't make many messes but the last few months he's been spitting up more and this product has been a life saver!! It's good on both upholstery/furniture and carpet. The only thing I haven't tried it on is actually using it in the laundry and cleaning up messes around the food bowls. The only thing I would say even slightly negative about this product is how strong it smells- if you are sensitive to smells that might be something t
ChattyCat Review from
June 3, 2020
Odors gone without "covering" them
I used to buy the other well-known spray for fabric and air freshening, but another customer at the store l was shopping at recommended I try this. I've been hooked ever since. I hated the fact that the other spray was so expensive, and it never really eliminated odors. Especially as an air freshener. I absolutely love the eucalyptus fragrance as it seems more natural, not that a word? lol... I smoke and although I restrict my smoking to the enclosed porch, the door to the house is open and the odor can sometimes migrate into the living areas. A quick spray and the odor isn't just
Lisa Review from
January 24, 2021
Love the clean smell.
This product is relatively new to me. Never knew it existed. It has become my fave disinfectant. Besides the clean smell, its much less expensive then the febreze I use to use, with a more efficient sprayer too. I love the clean clean smell. I even spray this onto the floor when I am cleaning my laminate floors. Gets the whole house smelling so fresh and clean. I was purchasing the spray bottles of this product, but I prefer having the bigger jug available for refilling. I usually like to re-use good spray bottles when Ive finished using the product instead. However, this brand didnt make that
Aimee Review from
April 21, 2021
Your new best friend!
I was introduced to Odoban by the hotel I used to work for, we would use it to get the smell of pet messes or smoke out of rooms when guests broke the no smoking/no pet policy. It is a miracle in a bottle! It quickly became my go-to cleaning product for anything and everything and hasn't let me down yet. It will remove any smell you can think of, clean and disinfect anything that will come out of your body or your pet's to the point you would never know it was the offending spot. It got us through potty training my kid and all pur pets with no problems and I am so glad I found it here because
Cher Review from
March 19, 2020
Use OdoBan on my artificial turf to get rid of dogs' urine smell
A friend told me about Odoban that it's effective to get rid of dog urine smell. I have artificial turfs that get stinky fast due to having 2 Mastiffs going to the bathroom on there several times a day. I bought the hose-end sprayer Ortho Dial N Spray and fill it with Odoban (concentrate) and spray using 1 oz dial level. One bottle covers my entire yard, but I don't have a big yard. The house is on a 7K lot, and the house is 2300 sqft, so that leaves about 4500 for the yards. The front yard is smaller than the back yard. I noticed as I sprayed the fresh scent from the Odoban, and it does help
Eileen Review from
August 18, 2021
I have used white vinegar, lysol concentrate, lavender essential oil, laundry sanitizer to name a few. ODOBAN IS BY FAR THE BEST in cleaning, clean natural scent, deodorizing and disinfecting surfaces and fabric including incontinent soiled laundry. I have NO skin or sinus allergic reactions to Odoban. The containers even survived Fedex in spite of being shipped in a too lightweight cardboard box. Box was squashed and damaged, Odoban gallon jugs were in perfect condition.
jaromu Review from
July 22, 2021
My son started working at a dairy farm this summer; he would come home COVERED in cow manure from milking - there is NO detergent available that gets the stink out (let alone the manure stains). However...I tried Odoban in the washer with his chore clothes...and the smell is nearly gone. Some in the wash water and some in the rinse water. For the first time, the stench didn't even leave the laundry room - before Odoban in the washer, we had to use room spray around the house b/c the smell was that bad! He wears the same 5 "outfits" to work this summer...then they'll likely be pitched - but at
Kris729 Review from
February 8, 2021
I love this stuff!
I love this stuff! I've used it for a few years. It replaced my febreze for removing odors around the house. It replaced my disinfectant for killing germs on surfaces. I use it to clean and disinfect my washer. I use it for everything. It's replaced most of my household cleaners. It's fantastic and does so much. Look on their website and you'll see what I mean. It smells nice. You can order other scents online, as well. They offer other products I've tried and they're great too. This bottle makes several small bottles of cleaner. I keep them in every room. I do make it a little stronger than t
Breeze Review from
April 3, 2021
Used for decades
This stuff is amazing. Smells fresh, cleans well. I've used on everything from carpet spots to pet bedding. I spay the bedding cover down, let sit, then launder. Comes out smelling great. If pet had a little accident, takes up all of of well. Floors look great, bath fixtures shine and smell fresh. I've even used this to clean and rid tobacco smell. And a good spray on windows outside, removes molds. Highly recommend.
Cleanfreak Review from
July 16, 2021
Best Bang for Your Buck
Fresh,long lasting and versatile. Laundry additive, light spray for animal rugs and bedding. Cleans and sanitizes countertops, bathroom fixtures and toilet bowl. I stumbled on this in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Using this everyday I only ran out now! Very concentrated,so it lasts a long time. The scent quickly dissipates and leaves a fresh feel.
JandJ Review from
August 18, 2020
Must-have for pet owners!
This stuff is a miracle for pet owners. Accidents happen, and if you have cats, you know that urine smell is almost impossible to get out. Until OdoBan! It takes a much higher concentration than the ready-spray bottles, but this stuff really works. I adopted a new kitten with litter box aversion issues and OdoBan has saved a couple dog beds, the carpet in her acclimation room, a rug, not to mention some clothes subjected to ... smears... from my special-needs cat who needs some help cleaning up. Toss it in the wash straight to freshen laundry and remove musty odors, mix it yourself in a spray
Mercado258 Review from
August 14, 2021
Comfort by the Gallon
I've been using this for ages, or rather since the early 90's and I can't say anything bad about it. It works great and leaves a great scent behind. I started using this when washing the dogs bedding and later I started using it in my work truck after detailing the inside and at work. This stuff is fantastic and really adds a comfort zone to each environment where it's applied. I am also glad that the price has not skyrocketed with time.
Janet Review from
June 25, 2020
Love a bargain.
I've given a prepared solution inside a spray bottle to my brother and I have one. For over month we have not been able to locate and purchase Lysol locally. Did a lot of research about alternative solutions to use for sanitizing, during the COVID19. Read about this product and decided to give it a try. It has more applications than Lysol spray because it comes in a liquid form. Plus safer than Lysol spray on bedding. Anyway, research for yourself. Trust me you'll love the fresh scent that lingers in the air longer than Lysol. You can sanitize your sink, tub, shower, floor and toilet bowl usin
Elena Review from
May 18, 2021
Disinfectant and Air Freshener that REALLY works!
During the pandemic, I became an expert in cleaning products. This tool was a pleasant discovery for me. It has a very pleasant smell, but the main thing is that it REALLY removes unpleasant odors. On several occasions I have successfully used it to remove the "aromatic" effects of a dog incident from the carpet. Currently, this product is very effective in helping my son to refresh and disinfect his work boots (trust me, this is not easy)
mbens Review from
October 13, 2020
LIFESAVER, for real
This is the best all-around cleaner/disinfectant/stain remover, hands-down. Did your dog poo on the carpet again? OdoBan. Did your kids let ketchup dry on your countertops? OdoBan. Did your neighbor's stupid cat bring a dead bird through your dog door? OdoBan. Seriously, I dilute in a spray bottle and clean EVERYTHING with this. Hardwood/tile floors, countertops, carpet stains, fabric odors, shower, washing machine, etc. I will forever have this product in my AutoShip order. Try the lavender scent as well. Both smells are amazinggggg.
Thomas Review from
June 23, 2021
Fully recommend OdoBan
OdoBan smells great and disinfects. It feels fresh when I spray it. My little dog sometimes misses his pad if I dont walk him on time. Its great to spray and cleanup with no more smell. Freshens the bathroom kitchen and bedroom too. Fully recommend it. I refilled the spray bottles with this large size.
LeoNC Review from
September 15, 2020
Smells Great and Cleans
I love Odoban, and couldn't find it during COVID anywhere. I was so glad when I found it on Chewy. This disinfectant smells wonderful, and is very concentrated a gallon makes a lot. I use it all over the house, in my bathrooms, kitchen, floors, kitty messes, just anywhere. This was recommended by the rescue where I adopted my cat and I asked my vet if it was safe for my him (she said yes it was fine as long as I let the surface dry before he walked on it). He doesn't seem to mind the fragrance at all. Thanks Chewy for carrying this product. I hope to also see the spray and trigger sprayer soon
Mel1 Review from
February 28, 2020
Gets dog smell out of sheets
I have two dogs (45 and 75 pounds) that sleep in my bed every night, so the blankets and sheets stink. I originally wanted something I could dump in the laundry, and this has to be pre-treated. It works great. I ended up using a sprayer (you can find them at a hardware store) and mixing this solution in the container. Now when I change my sheets, I just use the sprayer to coat the sheets and both sides of bigger blankets and it takes about 5 minutes. I let them presoak overnight. (It calls for less but I've never tried less time due to I procrastinate) This works great to get regular dog odor
Alitaliana Review from
April 10, 2021
Amazing product
First of all, Chewy is one of my favorite websites to order. Delivery , customer service, return are easy and simply top notch. I was resistant to order OdoBan lavender scent but due to high rating , I decided to try and no regret. Having two dogs and puppy who has accidents over the night , this stuff doing its job. Scent is awesome not overwhelming and disinfects well. Would highly recommend this product.
Annie Review from
October 26, 2020
Odoban is the best
I first heard about Odoban when I was practicing at a hot yoga studio. The studio floor was sprayed down twice daily with Odoban. It worked so well at controlling the odor there that I ended up buying it to disinfect my couches when my fiancee and I moved in together and each came with a dog :). It has been super helpful especially because my 1 1/2 year old female developed spay incontinence. The Odoban disinfects and removes the odor very effectively and it smells better than some other upholstery cleaners I have used. It is great for everyday cleaning and for tough messes too. It is a must i
Review from
September 9, 2020
This is the best odor eliminator/disinfectant ever. I have a mini zoo here with two cats, two large dogs, a bearded dragon, and a guinea pig. Sometimes, no matter how clean we are, odors arise. For the animal bedding and towels, this helps refresh and clear any lingering odor. It is pet safe. I also spray this on our mattresses once a week to refresh. Placing some on cotton balls in inconspicuous spots around our home also leaves the room smelling extra fresh. Although Fabreeze is okay, I much rather use Odo-ban.
groomer74 Review from
February 4, 2022
Great stuff!
I am a dog groomer, and one shop I worked at years ago cleaned their entire shop with Odoban. Cleaning cages, used in the mop water, for pee accidents, etc. And that was the cleanest smelling shop ever. Ive used it since then for basically any cleaning that is smelly or needs a good antibacterial. From laundry to floors this stuff is great. Also works better than Febreeze on fabrics to remove odor.
Lori Review from
February 16, 2021
Disinfectant (low product ratio) Fast delivery!
I have never purchased OdoBan, but I love concentrated cleaning products, and I love Eucalyptus. The ratio mixing instructions are clearly printed (for every purpose) on the the rear of the container. The scent is VERY light, so if used as an air freshener the water/product ratio is high. Delivery was speedy and personal! My sweet delivery guy was freezing trying to take his delivery picture.
Terrie Review from
April 23, 2021
Very good, need to dilute. More concentrated
I thought this was the same strength as the spray bottles but it isnt . Its still very good and more economical to buy to refill the spray bottles but I have to do some conversion. I took of one star because I just thought to refill the spray bottles straight but its way too strong to use for full strength as far as scent. Will try to use sparingly.
Nothappy Review from
July 15, 2020
Smells great
Love the smell, sweet light scent. Great as a Laundry disinfectant or cleaner. Another, purpose you can use it to make a spray disinfectant for your home. Just get a empty spray bottle dilute/mix water ratio and it's done. Your ready to kill those gems anywhere and everywhere needed, without buying another product! Highly, recommend only situation I have noticed hard to find at times. Especially, with what's going on around the world today this is flying out of stores.
shadowcatAZ Review from
October 9, 2020
So far, so good
I like to use a laundry sanitizer for the dog bed covers and other pet items, as well as clothing that I manage to get sweaty. I couldn't find any of the stuff I normally use anywhere, and this popped up in a search. So far I've only used it as a laundry additive. I have a front load, so I add a little to both the detergent and the fabric softener dispensers, and it seems to be working well. Everything smells nice and fresh. I like that I can use it mixed with water as a disinfectant spray on hard surfaces as well, and I'll probably be doing that when I run out of wipes. Good stuff.
Debra Review from
May 23, 2021
Best product available for home use
This is a great product, it pretty much kills all pathogens! I love the lemon scent. I use it for my dog kennels and my floors inside my home. ItIts great to use to clean a bathroom And they could be used in your laundry! Its aAnd they could be used in your laundry! It gets rid of urine odors it has an enzyme, I dontso dont mix in extremely hot water
SoundzbyGreg Review from
April 28, 2021
Very effective odor eliminator.
I am using this in a house that had several cats that soiled the floors. I have sprayed floors with other products that didn't do much long term. Even though I have re-sprayed due to the amount of urine odor, it is my number 1 choice. Has a pleasant scent. Got the gallon because I have several areas that need deodorizing. Will purchase again.
Laurdis Review from
October 6, 2021
Multifunctional Product with a Great Aroma
Great multi-use product from deodorizing, sanitizing, disinfecting, mold/mildew control, cleaning; this is the product. It neutralizes many odors, leaving behind a fresh eucalyptus scent. Easy to follow directions with dilution ratios for each job. It has aided me in many instances, especially with pet odors.
mslynn Review from
May 23, 2020
Odo Ban
Ladies & Gentlemen, I promise u that you will never ever regret buying a bottle of Odo-Ban, I know it says it makes 32 gallons, when I bought my 1st Bottle it came w/a ready to use free spray bottle attached to the big bottle of the concentrated formula, and by the way Sams is the only place that give you the free ready to use bottle, I begin using the spray bottle I found myself buying additional empty bottles from my local Walmart and filling them up 1/3 cup Ofo-Ban to the rest water, I have three bathrooms, I have a bottle in each bathroom, I do Laundry, Dishes, Mop, clean the door knobs th
Nicole Review from
May 6, 2020
Magic in a bottle.
Our dogs have been using our concrete porch as a bathroom for the past 2 1/2 years so needless to say it smelled pretty horrible, especially when it rained. Although not recommended for porous materials, this stuff took care of the odor in one treatment! We used an entire bottle mixed with about 12-15 buckets of water, scrubbed the porch down, and let it sit for about 4 hours before using a leaf blower to blow off the excess water. Literally not even the slightest hint of doggo smell remains, not even after 3 days of rain. All in all Im pretty sure this stuff was crafted my magical creatures a
AuntWanna Review from
March 10, 2021
What a great disinfectant!!
I like it because it can be used to clean multiple things. Since the Covid pandemic, when I go out shopping or to run errands when I return home I put my cloths in the washer and add Odoban. It disinfects my cloths and they smell good. I also use it to clean my floors and bathroom. Several members in my family now use it and I have brought it several times. Love the price
Mandy Review from
December 18, 2021
8 dogs and we are smelling great!!
This stuff works so well!!! We have 8 dogs and half of them use pads. Before odoban I struggled with the odors coming from the washable pads. After whole house is fresh, clean, sanitary, and smells amazing!!! I am not joking! The only thing Chewy should do is make available all of the scents.
ann.p Review from
April 2, 2019
Wow! I'll never buy another brand of disinfectant ever again! Not only does this smell awesome and has plenty of scents to choose from(I chose eucalyptus... Next I'll try lavender!). It is safe to use on everything from laundry, kitchen countertops and bathroom toilets, to curtains, carpets and upholstery! It comes in a huge, 1 gallon bottle (concentrate) that will make up to 35 gallons of diluted disinfecting cleaner that kills staph, strep, H1N1, E Coli, listeria, athletes feet, influenza, HIV-1 and so many other germs, bacteria and viruses that it's definitely worth the money spent! It's us
TabyG Review from
February 22, 2020
I started using Odoban almost 10 years ago. The man that cleaned my carpets used it and i loved how clean they would get and how amazing they would smell. He gave me a gallon bottle and i seen everything it could be used to clean and disinfect. This is, hands down, the best cleaning product our there!! It does an amzing job on carpets, upholstery, floors, bathrroms, kitchens, even the laundry! You absolutly can not beat the price!! Just pay more for better quality spray bottles and a gallon of this.. You will be set to clean everything in
Jeana Review from
May 4, 2020
Amazing Product
This stuff is beyond amazing. If you like one of the billion other people that has pets, you need this to kill germs and horrible smells.... it's excellent on urine smells, for that new puppy you just had to have lol Or those cat boxes when it's time to the change litter... cat smell gone, just clean the boxes with a small amount in each box. Aso great for smelly shoes or stinky laundry... I also pour down a bad smelling drain to rid smell. Excellent sprayed over pet bedding... if been using Odor-Ban many yrs... and I have no intention of stopping any time soon....
car4char Review from
April 19, 2020
Great bleach alternative disinfectant
We used this at work and I really liked it. Bought 3 gallons for home. Great for deodorizing, sanitizing and general cleaning. Because you dilute it the product offers great value over paying $4 for one spray bottle. We will save a lot on cleaning supplies because this product can be used for many different jobs. We also use dog pads for our dogs and it is a great cleaner for our kitchen linoleum floor. We also use it to spray on our furniture and carpet to deodorize.
spanks Review from
December 9, 2021
Rat pee stink no more!
We use fleece liners for the rats' cage, and I have tried ALL THE THINGS to get the lingering pee stank out. This product is the only thing that works! Also, does an amazing job on the frequent messes my geriatric dog makes. Lots of pet laundry in this house, but now I have found a product that makes my home smell fresh again!
Gayle Review from
August 28, 2021
Wonderful scent- and product use kitchen and bath.
First try! I love this stuff! Delightful scent, disinfectant...use everywhere kitchen and bath. Wonderful... does not take much to make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Cleans fast, smells great, not overwhelming. Very Good Product!
Abbiegale Review from
June 10, 2021
Perfect for Pet Odors
I use this as a pre clean before shampooing an accident on carpet. I also sometimes add it into the shampoo machine. Gets rid of any and all pet smells/stains, and fills the room with a nice/clean scent. Additionally, this would make a great cleaner if mixed in a spray bottle with water on tables, counters, etc.
anonymous Review from
Ace Hardware
February 18, 2021
Bad odors are gone
This is the greatest odor eliminated we have encountered! We found our dog had peed in an area by our laundry and it reeked. We thought of throwing stuff away. I have tried many types of enzyme cleaners so-so results. We used this while washing this laundry and poof! Odor was gone. Amazing results
Elbie Review from
October 31, 2020
Odoban works
My husband constantly complained about the odor from the laundry room - particularly the washing machine. I have bought products that are suppose to remove the odor - nothing seemed to work. I had a spray bottle of Odoban in my closet and tried spraying the inside of the washing machine after washing clothes. Seemed to work. My husband actually commented that there was no longer an odor. I then bought a bottle of the Odoban concentrate so that I can spray after every washing cycle.
Anna Review from
April 21, 2021
This smells great
I was at first hesitant in ordering this one because reviews said the smell of this one was not pleasant. So I ordered this and the Lavender one. However, I have say the smell of this one is great and it is not at all strong. I have used it on my laundry of dog blankets, bedding, reusable pee pads and my bedding and it is not at all offensive.
Badorf18 Review from
May 13, 2020
Home usage and when/where I volunteer in the anima
Have been using this product for many years. Item arrived without its top on an the box was extremely dented, bent, etc. Luckily the manufacture applies a seal under the cap. This was intact which saved the item. The bottle was dented due to the shipping... but still the same product. Works great! I came upon this item when volunteering in an animal shelter. They use many of these products. Would be a 5 if it was shipped nicely.
kimr Review from
January 14, 2021
Great disinfectant
Love Odoban recently found this product i have animals and hardwood floors. I use this everywhere in my home bathroom,floors,door handles,countertops, cat litter boxes,trash cans. It has a pleasant eucalyptus smell or you can get lavender. Have not been sick since using this daily and you can't tell i have animals. It leaves your house disinfected and germ free and smelling fresh. Kills 99.97 of germs and bacteria. Best thing on the market.
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