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Oh Hunni Skincare - 603922820734 - Warm Vanilla Body Butter

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Oh Hunni Skincare:
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Pamper Your Skin And Senses With Handcrafted, Organic, Warm Vanilla Body Butter, A Luxuriously Rich Organic Cream Infused With A Touch Of Clove And Sweet Orange. Perfect For All Skin Types, This Non-greasy Body Butter Absorbs Quickly Nourishing Skin, Leaving It Velvety-soft And Beautifully Scented. It Features An Alluring Combination Of Fresh Vanilla Beans, Natural Shea Butter And Pure Sweet Almond Oil. Instantly Transform Rough And Dehydrated Skin Into A Healthy Glow, The Butter-soft Formula Acts As A Liquid Cushion That Strengthens And Protects Your Skin. Instantly Transform Rough And Dehydrated Skin. Organic Shea Butter Maintains The Skins Hydration, An Essential Element For Elastin Suppleness. Its Formula Of Ingredients Such As Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil And Raw Honey Guarantees To Smooth, Firm And Hydrate. Its Deeply Relaxing Blend Of Soothing Aromatherapy Oils Leave Your Skin Feeling Smooth And Smelling Divine. Use Every Day To Achieve The Best Results.

buttery Natural Body Butter With Virgin Coconut Oil Smooths, Softens And Brightens Skin
fast-absorbing, Non-greasy Formula, Mild Enough For Facial Use
use Daily For Best Results
packed With Natural Ingredients, This Moisturizer Promises To Leave Skin Looking Silky And Radiant

disclaimer: The Statements Made Regarding These Products Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. The Efficacy Of These Products Have Not Been Confirmed By Fda-approved Research. These Products Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.
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Manufacturer Oh Hunni Skincare
Code 603922820734
Sold By Each
UPC 603922820734
Product Size 4 oz
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
48 Review
jaimi.e Review from
March 19, 2021
This is my "Forever" scent. No matter how many years go by ( at least 18yrs so far), I always have a bottle of Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist and body lotion to compliment it. The most complimented/popular scent I have ever worn and it still has not faded out for me. I am obsessed with all the different body spray scents and brands and can get tired of some rather quickly but not Victoria Secrets and definitely not Love Spell. For me, it pairs beautifully with my skins pH balance/body's chemistry. I lean more towards oilier skin so less is best for me and it also helps the fragran
rosie.n Review from
March 11, 2021
Victoria's Secret moisturizers haven't been impressive until this one! This is the Coconut Milk hydrating body lotion and it's great! It feels is liquidy for a lotion but when I massage it onto my skin, it feels silky. It is formulated with cotton seed extract, white tea, and vitamin a, c, e. I like how easily it spread and it doesn't require much product to cover my legs and body. It has a sweet coconut scent and it's bearable. This 12 fl oz of product is in a cute bottle with a pump. I think it regularly goes for $18 on its own. Overall, I like the scent and I would buy it again but they unf
Charity Review from
Victoria's Secret
January 28, 2022
Love Spell Body Spray
Love Spell came highly recommended and the reviews are great, so I thought I'd order some. I am incredibly picky with scents...and for some reason I tend to like scents that others don't and not a fan of the most popular ones sometimes. So, this review is for others like me. But, Love Spell is very sweet. It reminds me of Sweettarts..Has a "candy" type scent. The bottle is beautiful, and it is very good quality. I tend to like tropical scents though.My favorite lotion and body spray is the Coco in the pink bottle by Pink/VS..and I am stocking up on those right now. Just wanted to leave a revie
Maggie.m Review from
June 14, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
Victorias Secret Love Spell is one of my favorite scents of all time. It is fruity and sweet but still fresh. I have had the entire Love Spell lineup. I liked the body butter. It has a real whipped consistency but it is thick and slightly frothy, very different to say the least. I liked this mostly because its a great way to really get Love Spell rubbed into your entire body and your skin smells fantastic however, it really did nothing for skin improvement which I dont think you really could expect. All in all, the body cream is slightly improved for moisturizing and gets that beautiful scent
tabitha.b Review from
April 10, 2021
This has been my favorite "signature scent" from Victoria's Secret since 2006! I absolutely LOVE the fragrance of Pure Seduction... it's sweet, sexy, a little bit floral, very pleasant and good for everyday wear or to put on right out of the shower/bath! I'm 41 years old and some people might say this scent is for "younger" women, but it jives with my personality and spunky spirit.. I don't care how old I get, I'll always wear Pure Seduction! I get compliments every time I go out with it on too. The body wash, lotion and shimmer lotion are all amazing as well! Especially if you layer them, the
crystal.h Review from
May 4, 2020
I love this stuff. I like it in the way that I like Philosophy Amazing Grace, another very popular fragrance. Sometimes I just like a soft powdery musky fragrance. This is one of those. It smells feminine with a slight hint of cardamom, one of my olfactory weaknesses, and florals. There have been times when my backyard reminded me of this scent because we have freesia and peonies. This scent claims to have these two notes and I believe it. I can identify them in this blend. But, mainly what really stands out, the cardamom and florals are there but not the show stealers, is the clean white musk
Nynke.k Review from
May 24, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
The mist is peachish orange in colour which resembles fuji apple. The scent blend for this one is fuji apple and vanilla orchid. The combo is great warming and a welcoming one. I am a vanilla fragrance lover so I loved the scent that lingered around. The fragrance is more on the sweet juicy side and not much of floral. It actually smells like a juicy apple along with a hint of vanilla. The perfumed hint to it is very soft and not overpowering. But people who do not like extremely sweet smells will not be comfortable with this one.
Sonja Review from
April 25, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Body Lotion 250Ml
In the past I received a lot of compliments on this fragrance. And I keep a memory of wearing it to a live show. In my home town of Charlotte, N.C to see Luther Vandross. Wearing a Red and black and gold Africa 3 Piece suite. With gold heels and a gold purse. And beautiful braids.Its also like pear and rapture whenever someone male or female hugs you a little bit, they always ask what fragrance are you wearing. They all say its so refreshing and light and I dont want to let you go. I would say its my Victorias Secret special set made for every woman to wear and enjoy the experience Im not bein
rosie.n Review from
March 22, 2021
As I get older, I'm reaching for more body lotion that makes my skin softer and hydrated instead of fragrance perfume lotion. And for a scented lotion, it smells beautiful! This is kind of a playful sweet scent with French daffodil, neroli flowers, and sugared amber. But since I barely used this since it didn't moisture well, I gave it to my friend. Normally these 8.4 fl oz bottle of lotion goes for $25 but can be found cheaper with bundle deals or during the semi-annual sale. However, I think this one in particular has been discontinued. Overall, besides the bottle being such a decorative pie
Arlene Review from
April 22, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Body Lotion 250Ml
I was beyond thrilled when I saw this product was available to purchase. Ive missed it terribly all the time it was unavailable. So did a lot of other people. Since its a favorite with so many of your customers, I dont know why its only available for a limited time. The scent is wonderful, not too weak or strong, just right and what a lovely scent it is It reminds me more of the scent of Honeydew melon then pears. I love the lotion and the mist, too bad I havent seen the shower gel. To me, the Pear Glace is the best I never forgot it, even though its been years since Ive seen it again.
fatima.t Review from
June 21, 2020
I bought this product after seeing it in Walgreens. I have thick naturally curly hair that tends to end up dry a bit frizzy. First time using any product is always trial error. First time I used it, I errored big time. Lol. I put it on my hair while still soaking wet didn't use my usual keratin oil I normally use when wearing my hair naturally curly. (I straighten my hair most of the time-just easier to deal with) Ended up kinda crunchy stiff. I knew immediately I had used to much product. So I used my water bottle, re-wet it a bit used my towel to squeeze some of the product out. Next time I
sheri.k Review from
March 19, 2020
One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE perfumes.. No matter where I go, someone always asks me what I'm wearing and why do I smell SO GOOD. So I simply tell them it's from the Victoria Secret Line. The men Always comment,"Well it sure enough must be a secret, cause I NEED to buy THIS exact brand for my Wife". I always think that's cute, but hey, if it makes a sale,and makes another woman smile the way it does me,Then I consider that a Good day and a good deed done. I always expect My yearly gift set from one of my kids,and they have yet to fail me. So I am always like a child at Christmas time, just beca
Ma.f Review from
March 2, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
This is my all time favorite Victoria Secret fragrance, I have been using this mist for so many years and I have pass this fragrance to my daughter who is 13 years old. I use it after shower after the gym, just my every day smell. I totally recommend it I purchase mine at Victoria Secret store I usually take advantage when they have sales my last purchase was August 17, 2017 and they had a sale for 3 for 20 when usually they are 18 each. The smell is irresistible and addictive like you will never get tired of smelling it, the smell. It has a combination of melon, plum and freesia and when you
Anna Review from
August 13, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
I have been eyeing this for awhile and read the comments to see if it was good or not. After doing so I decided to give it a try and order the Pomegranate and Lotus lotion , body wash, and body scrub and they all smelled so good. But when I happened to look on the back of the body scrub I noticed the ingredients said walnut shell powder. I am allergic to peanuts and its a good thing I checked because if I would of used the scrub on my skin I could of gotten an allergic reaction. So for anyone who is allergic to peanuts I suggested you dont get the body scrub. I had to give my body scrub to my
kristen.m Review from
October 1, 2020
I worked for Victoria's Secret for several years and got the opportunity to try MANY of their skincare products. The Pure Seduction has been their #3 best seller in body fragrance for over a decade. It's a sweet, soft scent that works for many people. I tend to really like it, though it's not my favorite. If you haven't had the opportunity to try the lotion from Victoria's Secret you will likely not be disappointed. It is fairly run of the mill, but they are strongly scented which leaves your skin smelling nice for quite a while after applying, they never leave your skin sticky and they absorb
Celisa.s Review from
October 27, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
This was a really great body butter it wasnt too heavy, and I used it all over. Back then, Victorias Secret used to have some really good sales on this product line, but not anymore I could afford to use this daily, layering it with the body spray, ea dtoilet, and the lotions. Id also use the body scrub and wash, as well as the shampoo and conditioner. If they had a laundry detergent or dryer sheet that was love spell scented, Id probably buy that I was a little obsessed back then, clearly Anyway...this is a eulogy to a great product it just doesnt smell the same these days. beautygraveyard
Olivea.k Review from
June 21, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
I remember every single woman in my family had some product of this fragrance whether it be lotion, body mist, body wash, etc.. this was very popular among my household growing up. This smell is good for someone who is 14. The fragrance is similar to something I think personally Paris Hilton would put out and there are cheaper dupes for this fragrance, but the cheaper the perfume the more itll fade so the more product you will use. If youre looking for a fragrance for your pre teen that is just adventuring into the young adult world, Id recommend this. Very lovely scent.
Trisha.h Review from
March 18, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
I absolutely love this store before they took it out of the mall we have here in New Brunswick. A lot of their stuff was really expensive but they put it all on sale so usually you can walk in and get 10 pairs of underwear for about 40. Other than that they sell perfume there that smells absolutely incredible. And their lipgloss is awesome too and isnt real sticking Ive been using the stuff for years. But their underwear tend to hold together a lot better than other brands as long as you dont put the lace ones in the dryer you usually good. But I do find the other panties they have lost a real
HoneyBees1 Review from
October 13, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
I love this smell. If you love grapefruit smell this is the lotion for you. I just wish the lotion was more of a cream and made my legsbody stay smoothnot dry all day long. So IF VSPINK business folks actually read these.please do what yall do at BBW and make creams and not just lotions. Equally, we dont need hyaluronic acid in everything as you are doing in BBW. The old cream lotions lasted all day and you should stop messing with a formula that works. Hyaluronic acid can cause reactions for some people with sensitivities. Just fyi
Blair.c Review from
June 15, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
I love Victorias Secret This is my favorite body spray It smells amazing and I feel like it lasts a long time. Its cherry blossom peach. You can really smell the peach. Whenever there is a sale, I stock up on this. Its perfect to keep in the car, in your gym bag, in your backpack for outdoor adventures... I always have it in my diaper bag Its great for after your shower or when youre somewhere that perfume would be too strong or doesnt really make sense If you like to smell good, I recommend this spray
Anonymous Review from
March 7, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Body Lotion 250Ml
I was delighted when I first saw some of the classic fragrances from the Garden era were back. Those were incredible times When I actualIy felt like putting my hands on as many lotions I could. I sincerely wish VS would bring back permanently, along with these ones, Blossoming Romance, Romantic Wish, Endless Love, Secret Charm and my alltime favourite Passionate Kisses among others instead of lauching endless flankers no one cares about. I used to have the whole room smelling of a lotion or body butter back then. Not anymore, sadly.
diana.c Review from
February 18, 2020
It smelled ok, I dont think Im a big fan of the coconut and lavender mix. I thought I would love this product because I love both, coconut lavender, just not together I guess. It doesnt smell bad though, it smells pretty good. I just wouldnt wear this on a daily basis. Its a little bit too strong. The packaging is beautiful though and I really like the color of the bottle. I just hoped that the lavender somewhat overpowered the coconut oil. It made my hands feel soft though but I would prefer a Shea butter type of lotion. Although the scent seemed too strong for me, it is somewhat relaxing and
EmeraldSim Review from
July 2, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
This is a nice floral and sweet body mist from VS. This magical elixir has been around for many years. My mom and I both have enjoyed it. It is a little too sugary, juicy and lusciously sweet to wear out in public, but it is acceptable to wear around at home or with friends, and especially after hopping out of the shower. Nice evening mister before climbing into bed. It is very sweet with faux berry and fruit hints, so if you wear this out in public be kind and use one spritz only.
Heather.g Review from
March 16, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
This is my absolute favorite scent from Victorias Secret I dont wear perfume because I think the smell is too strong for everyday wear. This, however, is light enough to wear everyday for any occasion. It has a very nice floral smell with a hint of fruitiness. I have to buy some of this everytime I go to VS. The lotion, body spray, and shower gel all smell good, unlike some other brands that the sets dont smell the same. Definitely a must try for anyone that hasnt tried it.
Sarah.e Review from
September 27, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
I use this product every day. It is packaged in a plastic bottle so I never worry about it breaking or spilling in my bag. It is a soft sweet scent that compliements any sweet body products lotion. One aspect of this product that isnt perfect is the scents longevity. I often find myself needing to reapply throughout the day, but that is the same as with most fragrance products. Definitely a solid 45, I see myself using this fragrance in the future.
taisha.l Review from
September 24, 2020
Victoria has a soft spot for me. It reminds me of my teenage years back when the brand was up there. All girls in high school wore the body mists and lotions. And now, even though I have designer fragrances, I still go back to this store because as my friend said - scented water or not, some smell really good and the bottles look cute in my dresser. This in my opinion, its the best collection I've tried in a long, long time. It's La Creme collection. Warm scents perfect for Fall. And its the first time I buy three of them. They just smell great. Pure Seduction its like eating a caramel apple a
Cassandra.c Review from
August 11, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
This is one of my all time favorite scents and one I always keep on hand. For under 15 you get a huge bottle of this spray and a little goes a long way so it last a very long time. I think this scent is timeless and classic and just about everybody in America has at least smelled it over the many years its been on the market. To me it smells very fruity like sweet tarts. I typically dont like fruit smells but I love this one. For the price point and quality you cant go wrong.
cody dawn.m Review from
May 29, 2020
Ok... so I ordered the shimmer version of this and the Love Spell one (which I cant find to tag for some reason) online. I was thinking like pearly glow type of shimmer. I hadnt had the urge for shimmer lotion prior to the lockdown, and therefor hadnt tested it. Moisturizing - excellent. Goes on silky smooth, smells wonderful. It take a surprisingly small amount to go a long way which is great. There is a good amount anyway. 4 instead of 5 simply because shimmer and glitter are not the same thing. Even with glitter, I feel like the overall application within the lotion could be able to be more
Ting.z Review from
October 31, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
I fell in love with this smell when I first tried it. When I first got this, I was like, this is the mine Even though this is my favorite perfume and I recommend that everyone go try it , its not for everyone. You can still smell the alcohol in the spray. Besides the spray, I love the smell of the lotion and body wash and I think that this kit is worth it. It costs just as much as any other lotion kit, even though to me everything costs too much. But the price for this is reasonable.
Longtimefan Review from
May 15, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Body Lotion 250Ml
I used this lotion for years until it was discontinued many years ago. I loved the fresh scent as well as the silky non greasy feel when you apply it to your skin. Nobody seems to know how long this limited edition lotion is back for. I used to buy it 5 bottles at a time, but with the uncertainty of its future availability, Ive stocked up I was concerned that it might be thicker since its now in a tube which is usually for body cream, but it is as wonderful as I remembered. Please bring this product back on a permanent basis.
Arial.b Review from
September 21, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Body Mist Aqua Kiss Old Pk 250Ml
This is one of my favorite fragrance mists from VSs. This was also a blind buy for me and the one I thought I would regret. Its amazing though Definitely a fruity gourmand that is very light and feminine. The initial spray is like an almond blossom with a bit of flowers. Dry down reminds me of a light fruity cake with a vanilla base and powdered sugar. Its not cloyingly sweet but very creamy, soft and mellow.
elene.p Review from
March 27, 2020
First of all, justice for Love Spell. Love Spell is low-key a great name for a fragrance. What more is a fragrance if not the closest thing we can get to a literal spell for love? A veritable love potion. In a lot of ways, fragrances revolve around love and sex. Love Spell just calls it what it is.The scent isnt bad, either. Its fine! Its cute. Its fruity, floral, musky, and woody. Its extremely run of the mill and leans into being fun, sexy, romantic, a little subversive. Whatever, its a Victorias Secret scent and the real secret here is that some of the scents are good. Love, a more contempo
chiara.d Review from
April 7, 2021
The first time I used this was at the nail salon and I fell in love. It has a whipped consistency which adds to the softness and ease of putting it on. It's not heavy or greasy and still moisturizes up to par with the thicker lotions. My absolute favorite thing is the scent. It's not overpowering, it's just subtle enough that my husband notices when we cuddle up to watch a movie. The smell is refreshing and reminiscent of laying out by the pool in July. Love it.
Andriani.b Review from
July 21, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
Honestly really disappointed. I had heard so many good things about this spray and I was so excited to try. I dont love the smell to be honest and this is not long lasting at ALL. Its just not it for me not matter how much I try to like it . I guess it could be as Im not the biggest vanilla fan. Although I heard that even non vanilla lovers will love this. If you enjoy the scent you should layer with the Bare Vanilla body lotion. I will finish and recycle.
Patricia.s Review from
March 24, 2021
Victorias Secret Love Spell Body Lotion 75Ml
My favorite perfume from Victorias secret Its definitely rich in scent so if you like lighter smells this one may not be for you. It will definitely attract attention from all genders. As a college girl, I love wearing this out to school events People all genders even stop me and compliment me. I recommend not spraying too much because the scent can be overwhelming. It definitely smells like vanilla. I find it flirty and sweet.
Krystle.a Review from
January 12, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
Victorias Secret body sprays are great The Pure Seduction scent is fruity and sweet and everything girly I love this scent. Unfortunately like most body sprays, the scent will fade, I usually have to reapply once or twice depending on what Im doing and what time of year it is. Summer is apply more because Im outside more offen. I will always have this scent in my body spray collection. I will say I have never cared for the body washes. And the lotions are a hit or a miss as far as the scent goes. So try out the lotion right when you get into the store. Then after walking around for a while giv
kristen.m Review from
October 1, 2020
I worked for Victoria's Secret for several years and got the opportunity to use MANY of their skincare products. Their quality is really quite good as they are owned by the same company that owns Bath and Body Works, so you are not likely to be disappointed there. The main difference is their fragrances, and sometimes even those are pretty close. The hand and body cream is really rich and emollient, and it absorbs well. Love Spell is their #1 seller, and has been for decades so it's a pretty safe bet for a lot of people. It's a sweet, slightly floral scent that appeals to a lot of different ta
saisha.k Review from
May 5, 2020
It Victoria's Secret SheerLove Body Lotion is a white creamy lotion with an incredibly smooth texture. The lotion is light and doesnt make me feel its presence on skin. I personally like lotions that are light, so this one works great for me. It spreads easily and is absorbed instantly without leaving any white cast or residue. It takes only a small amount per use, so the current tube will easily last me the whole winter. The lotion doesnt make my skin greasy even when I step out into the sun, which is an added bonus. It keeps my skin well moisturized and hydrated throughout the day and I do n
Kylah.s Review from
June 18, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Body Lotion 250Ml
I love the smell of this perfume. It has a fresh forest smell mixed with vanilla. The spray bottle dispenses the product well and the scent lasts all day. I bought it during the semiannual sale for only 7. Ive had it for over a year now and I still have a little left, so It definitely is worth the money. For anyone that loves the smell of vanilla, youd like this too.
jenima.l Review from
May 6, 2020
This scent is absolutely magical! If you are ever in need of a pick me up a quick sprits of this and youll feel like a Queen ! No joke once Ive sprayed this I feel glamorous as all hell and motivated to better myself! Funny how a perfume can do that for you . It gives me the confidence I need when I need it . The vanilla scent is unlike any Ive smelled before ( I prefer this one over the bath and body works warm vanilla sugar) this one is sweet but not sweet like candy . Its slightly muted if that makes sense. Its great to spray all over or even just in your hair ( which I like to do Incase an
christina.g Review from
October 17, 2019
This is SUCH a beautiful scent! Up till now I thought Haramains perfumes and Chanels were the epitome of beauty. Esp Chanel Allure Sensualle (only sampled it) which Ive vowed to myself, if I ever get remarried, I will buy and wear often. So therefore beautiful perfume means extremely expensive (I thought). I have many that I received luckily as gifts, things that people seem to like, like things that are really pricey. Britney Spears Intimate Fantasy was the other one I really liked and felt comfortable wearing, I know its not considered high end, but my brain really likes it for comfort. Jova
Maya.c Review from
May 29, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
If you have ever purchased a victoria secret bath related product, than you have probably come around to smelling the iconic Love Spell. This best selling body butter has a very harsh yet desirable scent that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. If you are looking for moister in this product, it doesnt do the best job so I would recommend the lotion for a lighter texture. If you just enjoy the scent, than there is a perfume and a shimmer mist available in love spell that are also very good.
Juni Review from
July 4, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Body Lotion 250Ml
For the love of god and all things good please please please keep these glitter lotions. Yall dont understand Im 59 with 423642 body measurements So I would need so much more of them than you would think. Also they are so perfect for parties and Im going to college soon so that answers itself. So on behalf of all tall, thick girls who like to go out and smell and look snacky while doing so, please keep these. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
Jessica.b Review from
March 26, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Body Mist Aqua Kiss Old Pk 250Ml
Velvet Petals was just one of those scents that I didnt care about from Victorias Secret but on a whim, late last year, I picked up a bottle and I am honestly obsessed now. I love it. Definitely a new goto. This one is a light scent but it has great staying power and just has this pleasantly sweet tone to it that cant be described. The fragrance combination is just romantic and undeniably beautiful.
alena.c Review from
April 16, 2020
LOVE IT!! I just received a sample yesterday with my VS order and omg I must say that I am obsessed!! Just from my first time using it, I noticed that this lotion has a significantly different texture than most other (generic) body lotions. Its so light, soft, and silky; feels like its a whip - like cool whip, but for your skin lol. My skin feels great and moisturized. A little bit of product goes a long way. And the smell -oh my god- AMAZING!! As suggested by the name, it smells like coconuts, but the scent is very light and refreshing, not overbearing or too strong. Its like a vacation in a
nancy.r Review from
February 19, 2020
Sheer Love body mist is a light, floral fragrance. It has notes of white cotton and pink lily, which make the scent very floral and fresh. The cotton note becomes more prominent in the dry down will the top notes are very floral. The fragrance is light and excellent for summer as it is not too heavy. The staying power isn't fantastic - about 3-4 hours - but as it is a body mist, one should not be expecting exceptional staying power so that is not entirely the fault of the product in this scenario. Sheer Love comes in a plastic bottle with a spray top which is light but sturdy. The scent is a v
Lauren.p Review from
February 18, 2021
Victoria'S Secret Midnight Bloom Hand & Body Lotion 236Ml
This is probably my favorite victorias secret scent, it is such a sweet and fruity smell. I have had both the perfume and the body lotion, they both smell fantastic. The smell last quite long as well, my older sister introduced me to this perfume. Most perfumes bother my mom and give her headaches but my mother actually likes this one. It is definitely worth it, I wear this one a lot.
jollean.s Review from
September 7, 2020
This has been my ride or die scent since... well since the 10th grade. No joke no lies told. I have been getting this mist since I was 19 years old FAITHFULLY. there was a period of time where I thought they were going to discontinue the line and I went berserk at one of their annual sales and ended up buying 7 mists, 3 body butters, and 4 of the regular lotion/creams. My mother in law legit thought I was crazy and THEN they continued production because there must have been high sales for it after the annual sale. Needless to say I felt like an idiot. I mean i still used it all to the very las
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